Public Works is a design research collaborative 
that works for, with, and in a diversity of publics 
to [re]negotiate the boundaries of Possibility.

We produce and consume space. Space produces and consumes us. Whether standing in the kitchen, strolling down the sidewalk, or excavating the interwebs—every environment is a classroom. And every classroom is a conversation that affects the way we perceive the world and, consequently, ourselves.

How? By design. To design is to affect and ⁄ or effect change. We are all designers. Yet, more often than not, we’re unaware of our the various ways we shape our surroundings. Consider this morning's headlines—increasingly asymmetrical development; human population growth; environ-mental degradation; fiscal peaks, plateaus, and cliffs, etc. We are a dynamic network of forces
that simultaneously transverse and mold landscape, psyche, and soma.

PublicWorks to cultivate the curiosity and creat-
ivity necessary for individuals, as designers, to critically confront the present and rehearse alternative futures. 












By harnessing design as a means to ask questions, we invent innovative tactics or mind-body-space mash-ups that tune up perceptual affordances, so that individuals can tune out of habitual patterns, and tune in to a heightened awareness of the [in]visible infrastructures that shroud our environ-ment; automate our everyday; and impact our perception, conception, and mobility. 

In a word, [un]learn.  

In this context, doubt become a primary vector for critical thinking that challenges the aesthetics and foundation of common sense. PublicWorks with the assumption that each project is an opportunity to exchange knowledge, advance critical discourse, and [re]negotiate the boundaries of Possibility.