It's Official : PWC + KGS + NEA!!! by Kiersten Nash

It's official: Public Works Collaborative (PWC) --including Ben Sollee , Sean Montgomery , Bland Hoke, Dan Marwit, and I-- in partnership with the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to develop phase 01 of Livestream!

Many thanks to LexArts, the Department of Environmental Quality, Parks and Recreation, and to Tom Eblen for this fabulous announcement: "Public-Art Project Will Put Kentucky's Groundwater to Music", Lexington Herald. 09 December 2014.

[movements x design] + [designs x movement] by Kiersten Nash

A few weeks ago, designer James Clotfelter extended an invitation to his Movements To Design. This panel discussion punctuated a 3-week participatory design/research project featuring of "movement workshops for non-trained movers in the worlds urban planning, design, and architecture."

Unfortunately, I was unable to participate. However, considering the topic is integral to the continued development of Public Works, I've assembled a few thoughts into a brief presentation, [movement x design] + [design x movement] or Strategies and Tactics of  Everyday [Dis]Engagement.

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East, Meet West. West, East. by Kiersten Nash

Biologist E. O. Wilson, “traced the birth of ‘modern humanity,’ to a moment “about ten thousand years ago with the invention of agriculture. The economic history that followed,” he stated, “can be summarized very succinctly as follows:  people used every means they could devise to convert the resources of Earth into wealth.” Today, the migration, allocation, and accumulation of wealth is transforming our Earth. And fundamentally altering our lives. Yet the relational complexities and transactional costs of this phenomenon are often cloaked in our everyday. There are few places where this paradox is more pronounced than China and the US.

We’re navigating the the frontlines of climate change in collaboration with documentary photographer, Ian Teh, the Magnum Foundation, and Asia Society! Preparations are underway for Photoville 2014 and the People’s Climate March! Stay tuned or email us for details…